The Humans behind the dogs

Hello! I’m Adele and I love the outdoors. It’s not always been this way, in fact, I grew up hating camping, hiking, and was scared of literally everything wild.  It was after moving to Vancouver that I got the hiking bug, which eventually led to a camping bug, and then led to Whiskey, our hiking dog.

Vancouver is such a beautiful place to live, surrounded by the ocean, islands, mountains, and an extremely outdoorsy mentality. Although challenging at times – the rainy season goes from October until April- this is the place I call home. I’ve been hiking here for about 8 years now and I still keep finding “new” trails to explore as the “classics” are getting busier and busier.

In 2014 my husband and I made the big decision to start growing our family and added two furry additions- Moo the cat and Whiskey the dog. Whiskey changed my life, as a Vizsla does, and has wiggled her way into our hearts, our adventures, and my sleeping bag (yes we share a mummy bag).

Vizslas are affectionately known as “velcro dogs” and can have separation anxiety as they are so attached to their owners. Luckily, Whiskey has no such issue, however, I’ve developed the human version of the same disorder. Instead of going to the cinema, heading out to town, eating out at restaurants, and travelling to exotic locations, I’ve replaced everything with dog-friendly activities and am working to include cat-friendly activities too.

Eventually we moved to Squamish, BC right before the pandemic after trying for years to move out of the city and work from home.  We added Bourbon in 2020 and the rest is history. Bourbon is quite the opposite of Whiskey in most ways. She ranges far, is self pleasing, stubborn, derpy, silly, and screams at squirrels.

I love hiking, swimming, kayaking, exploring, camping, and best of all-roadtrips! My background in the visual arts field helps me photograph the amazing places we see. After working in the movie industry for over a decade I’m now a professional photographer ready to be hired.

This is Thierry. Whiskey is just in love with him. Thierry is not as keen for the long hikes and long camping trips as I am, but luckily Whiskey is able to convince him to come along sometimes. He’s the drone pilot, an amazing photographer, and the rock that supports our adventures even if he doesn’t come.