Vizsla Breed

The Vizsla is a medium-sized, short haired, warm rust colored pointer from Hungary known for their versatility and gentle affectionate nature. They take longer to mature than other breeds and if their huge amounts of energy are satisfied, they are wonderful at training and great family dogs for a very active family as well as perfect hunting companions.

Although their striking looks will grab attention everywhere, Vizslas are really not ideal for everyone. They have about the highest need of exercise (mental and physical), need a ton of attention, and although they are quite intelligent, training does take more patience and time as they take longer to mature. Because they are working dogs, Vizslas are happiest when they have job. They are wonderful dogs for hunters, hikers, runners, and people that work from home. Vislas are commonly abandoned when people don’t have the time for them because of work or family, and because they cannot meet their high energy needs. This “high energy” can commonly be mistaken for “anxiety” or called “high strung”. Since they are hunting dogs bred to work all day long, this energy can easily be turned into destructive or mental issues so please do not get a Vizsla unless you are already outdoorsy, don’t mind walks in every type of weather, and are ok with a very attached and attention-needy dog.

Are you a Vizsla match?

You love to hike/mountain bike/trailrun/camp/hunt and would love a furry friend in your life. The idea of 2-3 hours a day off leash outside during the rainy season doesn’t phase you. You’re patient with training and don’t mind keeping it up for years. You dream of adventures in the countryside for the weekends. You don’t mind your life revolving around a very sweet and affectionate but slightly needy pup. In fact, you don’t mind being so in love with your dog you would much rather stay at home after work with your dog than go out to movies, bars, and parties. You don’t mind getting puppy kisses, a cute face sharing your pillow, and would never expect your dog to lay on something with a hard surface (gasp! the horror!).

Perhaps another dog breed is better?

You just love the look of a Vizsla but don’t like the idea of lots of exercise. Hours walking in the rain/wind/cold/snow sounds horrible, and driving to new off leash dog areas just so your dog can run seems a bit over the top. You don’t like getting doggy kisses in the face, like your own personal space from your dog, and don’t want dogs on the furniture, the bed, the house, and the tent. You would like a guard dog. You have a heavy hand in “training” (will yell, lose your temper, hit out).

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