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Puppy stung by wasp

August 20, 2014
My little Vizsla just got stung by a wasp at the park.  I think it was karma for stealing someone’s last slice of salami just minutes ago.  Missing the drama, I was working when she was out for a walk in the park and just got home to this:

She was stung on the right muzzle 
Someone’s not feeling so well

Poor thing!  Her swelling is going down and I’m just happy she got stung on her muzzle, not inside her mouth. Apparently she was off leash roaming the park as usual and came back with a swollen muzzle.  Soon after she vomited, and needed to be carried home.  We’ve been seeing several wasps in the area and I even got stung a week ago. My partner couldn’t find any stinger on her muzzle and just watched her carefully.  After half an hour though her swelling went down and she didn’t have any other symptoms.

A little extra clingy tonight

By the time I came back home an hour later she was wagging her tail (though not rushing the door like normal).  She ate a little wet food and I applied a mix of water and baking soda to her muzzle. Poor little thing!  In the morning the swelling had gone down and she was back to normal.  We just got back from the park and I had to pull her off from investigating more wasps in the grass.  I guess puppies don’t learn!

baking soda paste to help the pain

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