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St Marks Summit Hike

December 20, 2014
Another great day for a hike last weekend. It’s been raining so much that parts of Vancouver have been under threat of flooding but everything stopped by the time the weekend hit. We decided to push forward with slowly increasing our hiking distances and drove over to Cypress to do St. Marks Summit (11km, 460m gain, 4 hours)
St Marks trail
really really dry ski slopes
Scouting out the trail in front
Daddy showing Whiskey how to climb

St. Marks is the first summit on the Howe Sound Crest Trail that goes from Vancouver’s Cypress Mountain to close to Squamish at 30km over several mountains. Luckily it’s dog friendly and we saw very few people on the way. Usually the trail is much more populated but it’s off season and the threat of snow on the trails keeps most people away. It’s been too warm to even gather much snow on the top of the trails but it was snowing for most of our hike! It’s so beautiful.

Snow! It’s snowing big snowflakes
Switchbacks going up
Happy hikers
We went through many types of atmosphere up here

Whiskey had a couple adventures this time. At one point she had climbed up a steep rocky point and couldn’t figure out her way down for a couple minutes. Then poor Whiskey was happily galloping around at some point and fell through a pond covered in ice and snow. She was so cold but it seemed to make her run around even faster. We kept her moving and chasing sticks and didn’t stop very long at the top (there was no view in the clouds but the view is usually breathtaking). Soon she dried out and we were back on the dry ski slopes.

Poor thing can’t get down
I match the tree!
Who’s that in the crack?
How beautiful can British Columbia be?

It was so nice to get outside in the crisp air without the hassle of snowshoes. I’ve been carrying a small jar of Musher’s Secret Paw Wax just in case her paws have trouble in the snow and ice but so far we’ve had no issues. I was a wee bit worried that it was a longer hike than normal for Whiskey but she spent the rest of the night running around at a friend’s house and never really crashed much. It’s weird because it seems like hiking energizes her instead of making her tired. Usually she spends the day sleeping and doesn’t seem so excitable.

Merry Christmas!


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