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My Cat’s Guardian Dog

May 18, 2016

We just came back from a trip to the Sunshine Coast and luckily it was a trip we could take both our cat Moo and of course, Whiskey. Moo is a rescue cat that came to us months before we got Whiskey from her breeder. Unbeknownst to us, Moo had bad experiences with dogs before and was likely bullied by larger dogs before being rescued. It took us a couple months before we were able to pet her with Whiskey’s scent still on our hands and lots of patience on all our parts. Of course Whiskey has always been super friendly to everyone, and overtime Moo is getting more comfortable sleeping next to Whiskey, although she’ll fright easily with any motion or noise.

the ferry ride over, Moo roams around
checking out our new home
she loves the new windows
alright, let me out now!

Moo is a very unique cat in that she’s obsessed with food and is therefore easily trained. She sits, lies down, rolls over, gives paw, and comes on command. Moo is also trained to use the human toilet (that took a good year to do) and she’s also fearless in new places. This makes her a very easy cat to travel with, since we don’t need to worry about litter or the normal cat relocation adjustment period. The only downside is Moo’s smart enough to take off her collar in record time (it’s a safe break-away collar) and she slips out of harnesses and abhors a leash. Luckily she has her guardian dog Whiskey to follow her around outside and both have amazing recall (for a 2 year old dog and a cat).

exploring the gardens 2 m away from the house
not scared at all!
everyone keeps an eye on Moo
Moo hasn’t been in grass for a long while

Normally, we live in an apartment in downtown so Moo is never let outside. We only let her outside when we are in the country-side, and only then supervised. After letting them both explore their new Sunshine Coast home, we let Moo out. She always retreats back home within 15 mins and if we all go back inside and call her name, she’ll come back in for treats, and also because she doesn’t like to be left alone outside.

The kids get called inside
venturing out slightly further
Whiskey keeps tabs on her sister
Moo doesn’t seem to mind the company
Exploring together
Super cute!

This was the first trip we’ve seen Whiskey’s protective side of Moo. I’ve heard of dogs being protective of their cat siblings and vice versa but it’s so endearing to see with my own two. Even though she’s the younger sister, Whiskey will stay close to Moo and even follow her under the patio (about a 1 foot crawl space). I feel pretty safe letting these two sisters explore together and of course, Whiskey has already learned the command “where’s Moo?”. We use the same command “where’s daddy?” and “where’s mommy?” when we play hide and seek with her so she’ll immediately go look for Moo. I just feel so lucky with these two.

until next time!

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