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Fountain Lake Camping

July 1, 2016
Fountain Lake

This is our 3rd yearly trip to camp at Fountain Lake as well as the first time I’m doing it without my better half sharing the driving and the tent. Fountain Lake is beyond Lillooet which is a long drive with our many stops (for food and pictures). We left at 3pm and arrived after 7pm just in time to set up our tents, start a fire and watch the light dying down in front of us. There was a little bit of drizzle as we drove in but the weather the rest of the weekend was just fantastic with passing clouds and a really warm days.

Cloudy coming in, stopping for a break at Duffey Lake
Stopping at Lillooet for a view

We’ve recently bought a car-camping kit with a gigantic tent you can stand in, foam sleeping pads that take up half the car space and the much-needed ice box and water jugs to go with our bbq. With a group of 10, we took over our normal camp-site next to the lake and spent the days floating on the lake, eating really really well and sitting in front of the campfire singing, laughing and just having the best of times.

gathering firewood
setting up the camp chairs
Around the campfire, taking my seat
Relaxing in the tent
Elly popped in for the second day!
Marshmellows and fire

On Saturday we even fit in a new hike- the Fountain Ridge Hike. As there was only a tiny description, we chanced it and once we found our way, the views were fantastic. We did get our friends’ van stuck and had a bit of an adventure but found our way back to camp for a quick swim before dinner.

summer days!
the view from our ridgewalk
lunchspot…may I have your sandwich?
views of the Fraser
heading back!
relaxing on the water
toast them up!
come play with me!
warming up at the fire

The next day we took it easy walking around the lake and floating a bit before heading back to town.

Happy days!
Walking around the lake
sharing the paddleboard and Ginger’s first try out!
floaties are for sharing right?
just hanging!
Ginger exploring the weeds
stopping at viewpoints on the way back again!

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