Vancouver Nov 2017 Vizsla Meetup

November 13, 2017

I’ve been pretty busy launching my Parawild company so it’s been a stretch to keep up with everything but I decided I needed to get my Vizsla fix and lo and behold, it was time for another Vizsla meetup! Of course November tends to be extremely rainy so I was really worried no one would show up on a rainy Sunday long weekend but of course, Vizsla people are not the norm. I’m not even sure how many ended up joining us as people came and went but I believe we were around 15+. The rain wasn’t too bad, and with puppies to a couple sugarfaces, it was so amazing to see the community out and taking over Barnett Marine Park. Taking photos of insanely fast dogs, in the rain, on a dark day, with wide aperture, covered with mud, and sand is….not easy! It’s really lots of luck, praying some autofocus will work, and setting the ISO very high and of course putting the camera down to give butt rubs when asked 🙂

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