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Timing and Duration of Vizsla Dogs Heat Cycle

February 21, 2023

When do Vizslas go into heat? They’re all different and the best is to ask about the mother but here’s a list of the dates of my Vizsla’s heat cycles and duration between. Whiskey and Bourbon are from totally different bloodlines.

I’ve gone back to list Bourbon’s heat timing to try and predict future ones so I thought to list them here. Whiskey has an OSS Spay but still goes into heat. It’s harder to pinpoint the exact start and stop for Whiskey because she doesn’t bleed but it’s still very obvious when she is in the middle of her cycle because her personality around other dogs changes so strongly.

I’m missing some dates but I’ve calculated time from birth to first heat, and have more accurate information about Bourbon’s heat cycles (female Vizsla bitch).

Bourbon (Her mother cycles every 6 months)

Symptoms: less interest in working, more independence, swelling, increased interest in dogs only for the last week

Born: July 14 2020

First heat: July 2 2021- July 20 2021
353 Days, 11 months 18 days

Dec 21 2021- Jan 7 2022
172 Days, 5 months 19 days

July 26 2022- Aug 11 2022
217 Days, 7 months 5 days

Feb 6th 2023- Feb 23 2023

195 Days 6 months 11 days


Born: April 15 2014

Symptoms: decreased appetite for a week before, swelling, decreased energy, increased interest in dogs

First heat: June 27 2015 – July 15 2015
438 days 14 months 12 days

Jan 2016

May 2016- OSS Spay

July 2016

Feb 2017

Oct 2018

Oct 2019

April 2020

Oct 2020

April 2021

Nov 2021

Dec 2022

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