Vancouver Vizsla meetup

August 11, 2014

Today Vancouver had its quarterly meetup at Spanish Banks.  This is one of the reasons why I really wanted a Vizsla -the community is exceptional and everyone that owns one of these beautiful dogs is so proud and happy to meet others.  It’s a rare time for the dogs to run together, and for the owners to swap stories and check up on how each other are doing.  There were lots of tips I’ve picked up (mainly don’t stop the training!!) and we’ve had so many comments on how good Whiskey’s temperament has been and also how she’s a very fearless, yet mellow (mellow for a Vizsla is using a different yardstick).  She had tons of fun running around, playing, and learning Vizsla etiquette.  Other times she would just sit and watch the action or say hello to the humans.

There were Vizslas from all over North America (even one from Hungary) of all ages and sizes.  All looked super happy to be frolicking with other speed demons although some were not so happy to share toys.  I’m pretty happy how Whiskey doesn’t stray far from us and usually comes when we call, even in the middle of playing with other dogs.  She’s also getting over her fear of water but since it was low tide we didn’t have a chance to swim.

Towards the end of the two hour playtime, when we headed back to the car, she did the strangest thing: she sat down in the middle of walking!  We’ve never had this happen before.  I guess she was hot and tired from all the play.  Success!

Oh boy oh boy!
I already can’t wait for next time.
Whiskey tries to figure this 2 dog one stick thing
having a conversation through barks
I took more pictures of dogs than owners
There weren’t too many sugar faced Vizslas out today
Low tide makes for a playground.  The Vs are spread thin
Whiskey sometimes sits and watches the action
She’s not fast enough to catch them all
Red flying dogs everywhere!
Playing with another gentle grown-up

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