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Vancouver Vizsla Meetup (Video too!)

February 2, 2015

or (if you are in NZ or OZ)

We look forward to our quarterly Vizsla meetup for weeks and this time we met at a 100 acre off leash field area called North 40 in Delta. It was rainy and gray and we didn’t expect many people to show up, especially since it was also pretty far from our normal locations but hey, Vizsla people are pretty dedicated because we got at least 20!

Very dedicated Vizsla owners

There were red dogs as far as we could see chasing each other around, jumping over ditches, stealing sticks, and smelling butts. Whiskey had a ton of fun and is still curled up under my feet sleeping it off (after an agility class and another walk).

We were so happy to see so many people out and the location was really perfect. The dogs just blended into the background. We had quite a flock of bald eagles watching us from above (probably not happy with the invasion) and Millie even flushed out a crane from the bush. I’ve been speed editing this video so hopefully it gets across the amazing bunny-vizslas of the day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- this breed is awesome!

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