Prey drive and Bird Dog

August 31, 2014
This is our second time meeting up with Eric and his hunting Vizsla Yoffi.  Eric had suggested trying out birds with Whiskey to see if she had interest and drive.  Guess what?  She totally does!

very interested in the pigeon
sniffing out the bird launcher

It was really dark so the pictures are all blurry but we basically gave her a quail to see what she would do with it.  The bird flew off a couple yards from the path and Whiskey ran off, sniffed it out, played with it and killed it.  She even retrieved it, but didn’t want to give it back (we didn’t ask persistently). So we’ve got a bird dog!

The goal thereafter is to make sure she doesn’t catch a bird again. We also watched Yoffi train with pigeons, working on his hunting and pointing.  Yoffi moved like a pro!  When Yoffi was done, we told Whiskey to “find it” and Whiskey even found the pigeon (just made it fly up) in the bush.  It was pretty far away so I was well impressed.  Whiskey was on a bird high for the next hour, all excited and silly. We aren’t hunters and don’t think we’ll pursue this much, but were really interested to watch a Vizsla work at what they were bred to do.

*The next couple days Whiskey was very bird crazy and hunting (sniffing) everywhere.  She was a bit more “wild” but thankfully wouldn’t chase birds that were at a distance.

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