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Hikes and bikes

August 28, 2014
Whiskey is 4.5 months old now and we are increasing the length of our hikes a little.  We tried Eagle Bluffs which is 8kms with a 350m incline.  It has a beautiful scenic viewpoint of the whole city and is a great place to bring friends new to Vancouver.  Taking it really slow, we spent most of the hike talking to friends (usually we add more training and stick throwing in a hike).  Whiskey had no problems finishing the hike and we took her on a walk in the evening as well.

playing on the ski slopes
the view from the top
water please!
the former olympic site
well tired afterwards

We’re started introducing Whiskey to bicycles to get her used to walking or running next to them.  Eventually we would like to exercise her next to a bike but right now we are not using this as a form of exercise, rather just up and down a parking lot for training.  We also want to start maybe mountain biking with her through the forest but since I would have to learn how to mountain bike, we can assume the pace would be slow enough for a puppy.  Also, the other day we introduced her to skateboards!  She’s a pretty inquisitive pup.

I don’t understand this contraption but I’ll kiss you
all four legs on the board!
she loves running beside the board and barking

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