Teething stories

September 13, 2014
It seems like we had a 1 week break between Whiskey getting all her baby teeth in, and then losing them for adult teeth.  She’s been consistently chewing since we got her which isn’t a surprise since “they chew till two” is a Vizsla saying.  She isn’t a fan of Nylabones but that could be because we’ve given her a choice of more natural chews.

Here are her intended chew toys:

-bully sticks
-Himalayan chews
-Salmon skin wraps

Here are not chew toys, that are now chew toys:
-stuffed toys
-empty plastic bottles
-any and all sticks she finds, even logs and stumps
-offending bushes and leaves
-human arms/hair/clothes

We can’t wait until all her adult teeth are all in.  We’ve been working on getting her bite “softer” but it’s been a painful process as her needle baby teeth draw blood.

Thankfully her sharkies only lasted for a month and after the baby teeth were in, she’s been much better with my hands.  It’s been fun watching the adult teeth coming in now.  We try to brush her teeth every other night and she’s been getting better about us always inspecting her mouth for wiggly ones.  The other day I was playing with her and a molar fell out!

Her front teeth come in first.  One of the doubled front ones is wiggly
almost a month later, she has 8 canines!

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