Mountain and road bike training

September 29, 2014

Little Whiskey is growing up fast and is getting a better sense of her balance, aim, and speed. Today we’ve decided to bike inside Stanley park with her on and off leash to see how she does. It’s also practice for me, since I’m just starting to learn how to bike outside of paved roads. I must say, Whiskey was 1000x better than I!

My partner was holding her leash when we were doing a bit of the on-leash biking since he’s the most coordinated. She was pretty good following, even on a busy path with lots of bikes going both directions. As soon as we got into the forest we let her off leash and she was wonderful again for the most part.

We had only once incident in 2 hours when she jumped on a poor child, give the frightened kid a lick hello, and kept speeding along. Thank god the parents were amused and not angry! It happened so fast and she was off leash. We must have passed 100 people so it could have been worse. Otherwise she ignored all dogs, people, bikes and kept following or in some cases leading.

We took some side trails where I struggled, and Whiskey gained speed. It was amazing to see how fast she can leap over obstacles. She kept coming back to check on me when I had fallen or was extra slow. We’ll have to wait until she’s older before we do anything more sustained but I’ve never been prouder of my little girl!

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