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The end of a holiday

September 22, 2014
So ever since we’ve had Moo and Whiskey, one or both of us has been off work.  We’re lucky we both work as contractors and it’s easy to take time off.  Last week marked the start of everyone going back to work full time and our poor pets have lost their 24/7 cuddle service.  Aside from the tough choices of what to do with a puppy while we’re both working, we’ve really enjoyed the time off bonding with our furry babies.

While Moo-cat had been refining her insane treat-sniff-and-recover abilities (she opens zippers, kitchen drawers and zip locked bags of kibble), Whiskey had been getting in some crate practice for the inevitable time where we have to face reality and go back to work.

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22 weeks

Whiskey hasn’t liked her crate since we’ve got her.  I think it’s partially because she’s very confident and doesn’t need it as a “safe” place.  She’s never slept it in by choice.  She much prefers our bed, our couch, or her bowser bed, even the carpet or hardwood floor than her crate!  We’ve lined it with blankets, soft foam bed, even our worn shirts.  We’ve covered it with a blanket and played the radio. She prefers sleeping stretched out taking the entire couch.  Since the first night, we’ve had her sleeping during the night in her crate and she gets to come to bed in the mornings for snuggles. We eagerly await the day she will be old enough to be left in our bedroom while we’re at work.

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While we are at work we’ve been trying doggy daycare, dog hiking services, personal pet-sitting, and just leaving her in the crate with a lunchtime visit. We are quite spoiled for choice in Vancouver since there is a huge pet industry here.  So far, she’s only peed in the crate once during the last week, but she’s never been in the crate for more than 4 hours.  We’re now facing a difficult period because we’ve chosen to wait until she is older before we spay her.  Many daycares don’t accept unfixed dogs over 6 months and we are also worried that her heat could happen while we are on vacation in a couple months.  We are currently interviewing dog boarders for our upcoming vacation.  Our bouncy baby’s going to be a teenager soon!

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