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Back from Mexico

November 22, 2014
At the end of October we went off for a long diving vacation in Mexico. Suffice to say, the trip didn’t go to plan and we were both counting the days until we could come back and snuggle with Whiskey.

Mexico’s Great White Sharks (not dog friendly)

We picked her up at the boarder’s the day after we landed and were welcomed with a bundle of wiggles, nibbles (she still nibbles when she is too excited) and loads of licks. There’s nothing like coming home to a Vizsla! Best.Day.EVER

A Mexican blanket for Whiskey

Apparently she was perfectly behaved and got along famously with the house dog (standard poodle) and another GSP that was also being boarded. They went on at least one hike a day and she was so exhausted when we got home. So far she’s been right back to our schedule with few behavior changes we assume is just part of her maturing. The boarding experience was so great that we don’t even feel guilty about it.

an empty kibble bag keeps her entertained for quite awhile
paws everywhere!

She had no accidents at the home, was great on recall, and only missed one meal (Whiskey has about 1 meal a month she just decides she doesn’t want). She’s also changed quite a bit. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but she’s bigger and her muscles have filled in a bit. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have her back in my life! Excuse me while I go demand more cuddles…

can’t move…I’m stuck

And Moo. Still up to no good, we had a fabulous house sitter that watched over her.

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