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Vizsla Half-Sisters

November 25, 2014

Since I’ve gotten Whiskey I’ve been happily daydreaming about having another Vizsla sister for Whiskey. Imagine my glee when we met up with Whiskey’s half-sister Millie (from the same father Ripley).

The two half-sisters (Whiskey with red)
They are both fearless climbers, though a little silly as they are “stuck” on the log

Millie is 2 years old and this is our second time meeting up. The first time was at night in a downpour so no pictures could be taken. They get along famously and I’ve never seen Whiskey run so much! It’s just great watching them play and get into trouble together (they found the same pile of poop to eat, and another pile of poop to roll in).

They ignored all the other dogs at the park
Whiskey learning to hold her own
Chaos getting two Vs to listen!

Whiskey is getting faster and is the same height as Millie but you can still recognize she’s a puppy with less developed muscles and a shallower chest. Her turns aren’t as sharp and her gangly legs make her tumble more. We watched as a blur of orange zoomed around and around and tried to photograph them. In the end I think we really need to invest in a faster camera with better auto-focus!

getting the most out of a ray of sunshine
until next time!

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