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Brother’s Creek Hike

November 27, 2014

It’s currently the awkward time of the year in Vancouver when it’s cold and rainy but the mountains have yet to become snowy. Our normal hikes are blocked by clouds for views while the trails have become streams (and no snowshoeing yet). Where to go for a quick afternoon hike? North Vancouver of course!

our climbing Vizsla
streams in the trails
Daddy’s girl
I’m constantly surprised by my mountain goat
where’s the stick?

While Deep Cove, Lighthouse Park, and Lynn Valley become packed with families when the skies are low and grey, Brother’s Creek on the bottom of Cypress Mountain is somewhat empty. There are a variety of trails and loops here and many of them are more “natural”, less groomed, which is what we prefer. In half of these trails the rainfall has turned them into streams but it’s nothing a water-proof ankle boot can’t deal with. Whiskey had loads of fun chasing sticks, climbing logs, and posing for photos.

Our Whiskey girl discovers the remains of an old sawmill
how pretty is the rain in the sunbeams?
majestic forest in our backyards
Beams through the clouds

We still have phone connection here so with our GPS phones we can’t get lost and can create whatever route we want. There is even a section of old growth trees you can check out (9m in diameter). When we began this hike in the rain, the clouds passed through the trees creating amazing lighting and after an hour the sun came out making me wish we had attempted a longer hike! Next week.

Canadian graffiti
Mom why do we need to stop every meter for photos?
Giant logs make a great backdrop
I see you!

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