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Dog Mountain in snow

January 3, 2015
Dog mountain has been our go-to mountain since we’ve had Whiskey. Close to town, an amazing view (though not this time), a short-ish length with an interesting trail and dog-friendly…what else do you want? We knew this hike is pretty popular so assumed the trail would have been packed enough for normal boots, although in some places it was icy enough that small crampons would have been an option.

the first 10 mins of any walk with these two is nuts
the gorgeous Millie with her Christmas collar
a conversation
kangarooing through the snow
another version of the raindeer
Whiskey is still all legs

Whiskey and her half-sister Millie ran up and down like little speed-demons. There’s a section where normally there is a pond and a small open area that was untouched. They kangarooed through the deep snow and we were laughing so hard! Millie even ran so hard her poor paws started bleeding. It’s a good thing her parents had boots to slip on at the peak. As soon as the boots came on, she was happily galloping away again. They puppies also started shivering once we stopped for pictures so we put the jackets on.

No need to throw sticks with these two
flying vizslas!
this trail is so much fun, snow/rain/sun
Whiskey has her Christmas bow on
treats? gimmie!

There was no view because of the clouds but we took a picture anyways. Lets hope these dogs sleep for at least a couple hours now!

Vizslas, kisses, humans
baby it’s cold outside!

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