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The Pacific Spirit

January 13, 2015
The Pacific Spirit Park is one of those amazing parks in the center of the city that makes you love Vancouver so much. Like Stanley park, it’s easily accessible and intersected by roads while also giving visitors the feeling of being in a real forest just steps away from home. Whenever we’re feeling lazy (or it’s threatening to rain heavily) we zip over to the park for a short walk.

our puppy is getting older!
whiskey looking for the stick we threw
getting better with her jumping aim

The park connects with one of the best dog beaches in the city -Spanish Banks with an amazing view of West/North Vancouver as well as the downtown city. From here we turned into the forest for a long loop. We’ve also done loops further in the park without going to the beach (so many options!).

The view from Spanish Banks on a rainy day
Whiskey loves her stumps
happiest place for a vizsla

There is a surprising variation in the paths and terrain you can experience. We’ve also had less altercations with unruly/aggressive dogs here than Stanley park. Whiskey loves the amount of sticks here to chase after and of course we had to take some photos to share.

she doesn’t retrieve yet, she runs with it and chews it
different paths around the park
a mini swamp

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