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The Peaceful Iona Beach

February 5, 2015
If you’re looking for a long beach walk with excellent views, close to the city, and undisturbed, this is it! We’ve come here twice, both on weekends, and we’ve seen very few people here. It may be because it involves a bit of driving, and is not super close to any residential areas, but it’s also pretty close to the city (next to the airport) and easily accessible.

no one in sight!
she likes to follow me around on logs
beautiful view of the mountains and the logging boats
queen of her pile

Iona Beach is much longer than it initially looks and covered with logs, sand and grass. Before you reach the beach, there is also a super long jetty that most people aim for, but it’s crowded enough that I would not want to let my dog off leash there. Stick to the beach and you’ll have plenty of space to yourself.

snow geese taking off
view from the beach back onto the airport
playing fetch with found balls
perfect place for a stroll if you need some peace and quiet
getting almost to the end, it narrows down

There are only garbage cans near the parking so wait for your dog to poop or you’ll have a long way to carry a poop bag. Make sure you note the well marked no-dog areas that are wildlife areas (behind the parking area) so just leash up your dog until you are well into the beach before letting them run.

throw the ball mom!
watching the tug boats organize the logs
there are no shortage of sticks

We found two balls on the beach to play fetch, and Whiskey even reluctantly went swimming a little (furthest she’s ever been). The first time we came we were surprised at how far the beach went down and only made it halfway. This time we went until the beach ended and turned into rocks before heading back.

logs everywhere!
the end of the road
the areas you need to watch for

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