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Happy Birthday Whiskey!

April 15, 2015
My little girl is 1 year old. We’ve both been working overtime these days so we haven’t been able to have her a little party, though I we gifted her with a custom made dog monster-toy from etsy. Lets see if this one lasts! Here’s a little look back at our growing puppy:

Happy birthday Whiskey!
She was so little and well behaved on the plane
little Whiskey’s first week at home
loving exploring the rocks and learning to climb
fell in some water and needed bodyheat
so curious and always at the end of her leash
already climbing up and posin
first hike!
super happy to be out on trails
preferring to walk on the edge of everything
city girl!
pretty gentle with her toys
getting a little older
part of the family
camping in the summer
chasing bikes in the fall
filling out and growing legs
learning caution on steep terrain
adding more muscles and losing the puppy face
becoming a tough dog
hating the rainy winters here
starting some longer hikes
learning to enjoy fetch finally!
she’s not a puppy anymore
finding her personality

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