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Cuteness overload- Puppy season!

April 21, 2015
Puppies! Whiskey’s the big one now.

It’s been raining puppies lately and I’m overjoyed at being able to set up some play dates for Whiskey. I was a bit worried about Whiskey being gentle enough around the little ones but with treats, recall, and lots of “lie down” she was great sharing the attention. I really can’t believe how fast her first year has gone and when I see these (10 and 16 week-old) puppies I honestly can’t remember how small she was. Puppies are just so floppy, awkward, and such a joy to watch romping around discovering the world.

Pana, the little sassy girl
Sophie is a mini Whiskey
First we met up with Sophie, Whiskey’s full sister from a different litter. They’re both from Stella and Ripley (click for links). Sophie is 16 weeks old and has Whiskey’s puppy confidence. It was her first time off leash and she did wonderfully! The only problem was she developed habit of sneaking off to drink seawater. Naughty puppy! I love Sophie and can’t wait to meet up with her again.
It’s so cool to see the sisters together
Whiskey looked just the same but their personalities are different 
Sophie is fearless and will use her teeth
Whiskey’s got Sophie’s collar
These girls are so good together
A quieter moment
Checking out the genetics
They really are little mirrors
If only I could have two…
Teaming up against a sweet Bernese
Sophie’s learning to pose

And just last weekend we met up with Pana from Egerton Vizslas in Nova Scotia. We were also looking at Egerton when looking for a breeder but they didn’t have any litters coming up back then. A couple provinces in Canada including Nova Scotia have a law that prevents docking tails and dew claw removal so Pana is fully natural! That’s a whole other topic for another day but it’s great to see a full tail wagging on such a happy dog.

This is Pana
Because Pana is so young, Whiskey spent most of the time on the ground
rolling around having fun
Just full of wrinkles!
Pana loves the lap and is super affectionate
She’s pretty submissive but comes back for more
off to new things!
Very nice together
Pana being a clown

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