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December 12, 2015
we leash up on the rock everyday

My partner and I both work full time jobs. Our work is by contract, so sometimes we get a month or two off, and sometimes when there is a deadline we work alot of overtime. Lately we’ve been both working overtime which means 50-70 hours and 6 days a week, and we all live in an apartment so how does this work? I assure you Whiskey is a very happy dog that gets out more than any of us. Besides, every hour of overtime means time off with mom and dad at a later date and extra monies for treats.

We have a lovely walker that takes her to the forest for a hike everyday with 5 other dogs and she still gets her 2 walks on top of this. We stagger our overtime hours so there is someone home with Whiskey just like in a normal non-overtime work week. On the one day we have off, we go hiking rain or shine. Of course this means we don’t have much of a social life outside of dog friends and hiking buddies, but who needs that?

This involves some creative scheduling especially when we also like to socialize, take classes, and do normal errands etc.

Here’s a normal 40 hour workday

7:20 – alarm rings, crate is opened for morning cuddle time

7:50-8:40 -walk to the park mostly off leash

park play

8:45 Breakfast!!

9:00-12:30 Crate rest time (I am suspicious Moo takes this time to walk around and on top of Whiskey’s crate to tease her)

12:30-3:30 Dog walker comes and takes her for 3 hours, 1.5-2 hours off leash hiking in the forest with 5 other dogs, the rest 1-1.5 hours is transit time.

getting ready to be released into the forest
out for her daily hike while I work

3:30-6:30 Free roam of entire apartment (she usually sleeps)

This. While I work!

6:30-7:30 Evening walk in a park, off leash

7:30 Dinner!!!!

7:30-8:30 bother mom and dad for attention, food, and playing

8:30-11 nap

11pm- last pee outside

11:30-12am evening cuddle time, then Whiskey usually crates herself

12am-7:20am crate for the night

Crate- Whiskey has never been destructive (in a year she’s only shredded my sheepskin slippers) and she doesn’t “need” a crate, nor does she like hers much. She never goes into her crate unless it’s a scheduled “crate time”, otherwise she is on her pita bed or our bed. I believe the crate is a good habit to keep up though, and it’s also nice to have a peaceful sleep.

On the weekends we will do longer walks, usually in a forest or mountain, sometimes on-leash in the city with some off leash sections. About once a month we will do a larger adventure if we aren’t working too much.

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