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Dehyrating pet treats

August 6, 2017


dehydrating beef liver

So because I’ve been taking more photos recently since joining Instagram @mywhiskeygirl, I’ve also been paying out much more treats for beautiful Whiskey poses. Whiskey (and most dogs) don’t work for free! My cat Moo, also gets treats daily for using the human toilet, and just being cute 🙂 There are cheaper treats out there (using flour or chicken meal) but of course, my pets prefer the more expensive ones which tend to be the one-ingredient dehydrated meat! It also makes me feel better knowing I don’t have to count how many I give her calorie-wise although I am much poorer for it.

local beef liver from our raw food provider

Eventually, I started thinking to make my own treats by purchasing a dehydrator off Amazon and asking my regular dog-meat provider for extra beef liver to make treats. I got a larger tray dehydrator because it seemed quieter and had a fan so you didn’t need to constantly rotate the trays for even drying. However, I would have liked a timer on the dehydrator so I could have it run overnight without waking up to turn it off.

chop up liver into smaller slices

Lay out liver on trays

Dehydration turned out super simple, especially if your meat provider has already sliced up the meat ahead of time. Just make sure the meat is fully dried and keep them in the fridge or freezer if you are not using them immediately. I also chop them into smaller pieces to make handouts easier. Of course, you can also hydrate human food too (we’ve done beef jerky but I’ve yet to get the recipe perfect).

Dehydrate at highest temperature until fully dry at thickest parts

Finished treats, chop up for handouts

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