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10 Unusual and Practical Pieces of Dog Gear

February 26, 2021

Do you love getting out and adventuring with your dog but you just wish there was that one piece of gear to make it all easier? Perhaps your dog is slightly injured, has allergies, or keeps building up ice on their boots? Here’s a list of specialized dog gear that you might find useful!

dog paw wax

Musher’s Secret: Use paw wax in place of winter booties. Originally designed for sledding dogs, this wax can help prevent snowballing, salt, ice build-up, hot sand and pavement. I do find the wax wears off during a walk or hike so you’ll need several applications over the day but it’s a great option to booties.

Downpour Hurtta suit jacket with integrated bug repellant in it worn by Bodhi the Ridgeback in Assiniboine Park
Bodhi wearing the downpour suit with integrated bug repellant

Sun and Bug Blocker Hurtta: A bodysuit with UPF 40 and bug repellent built in! Great if your dog loves to camp but is severely allergic to mosquitoes, ticks or horseflies. Or perhaps your dog has recent surgery and needs to stay out of the sun! There are also vests and a Downpour suit that has permethrin imbedded in it should you need a warmer or other option.

Whyld river sleeping bag made for dogs, super flexible and warm for winter
Whiskey in her Whyld River sleeping bag

Whyld River Sleeping Bag: A sleeping bag designed to separate, clip in, or permanently toggle each section for maximum flexibility. The snaps will pop off if your dog wants out, but if you want to keep it closed even if your dog moves, use the toggles. We helped design this bag and love and use it! Discount code: WHISKEY10

Neopaws boots come in orthopedic options for dogs made out of neoprene
Neopaws Boots with loads of sizes made of neoprene

Neopaws Orthopedic Boots: orthopedic winter boots with support that are made out of Neoprene, good even for water use! You can even buy insoles to adjust the height of each boot so you can take your older pup out for walks without pain.

Neopaws Gaiters: Dog gaiters/boot covers to prevent snow/ice buildup on dog boots.

Dog gaiters from backcountry paws with boots attached
Dog gaiters with boots attached

Backcountry Paws Gaiters: Dog gaiters with boots attached.
We love these and use them all the time under a jacket because there’s no more chances of losing a boot! A little complicated to put on but well worth not having to worry about and search for a lost bootie.

Ruffwear Doubleback Harness: a Belay specialized harness for climbing and repelling.
This full body dog lifting harness is for crag dogs that love to follow their owners everywhere. It’s the only harness I’ve seen that has the back leg loops and specifically made for climbing.

Ear Pro: Dog hearing ear protection
Designed for working military dogs, these are great for noise sensitive pups, or dogs living in and working in loud environments to help prevent hearing loss.

Whiskey Vizsla wearing Rex specs goggles or doggles in the snowy mountains
Rex Specs googles

Rex Specs: Dog eye protection
We love these goggles to protect eyes from high winds (on a motorcycle), extreme cold, hunting in bush, eye injuries, sun glare, and other medical needs. With 5 sizes the goggles cover most sizes and look awesome.

No Flap Ear Wrap: Dog ear injury protection
Dog ear injuries take forever to heal and can bloody your walls quickly. Keep your dog’s ear protected and dry with this Ear Wrap.

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