Easy Gift Ideas for the Vizsla Lover

January 19, 2022

Red Bark Shop– I cannot skip past my store with shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, and more!

Lucky Dog Coffee – Coffee subscriptions (Canadian) that support Vizsla rescue. We love the mugs and dog treats as well

Donation to a Vizsla Rescue, or dog rescue close to home- Vizslamentes does great work for example

Vizsla Cookie Cutter -for the baker and Vizsla lover

Ice cube tray– For making frozen treats to add to any fancy pup’s meals

Inkopious Hoodie -Good quality hoodies with a Vizsla nod

Custom face stickers – For the type that likes to see their dog on their mug, their cell, their laptop…

Qalo custom dog tags -Custom tags with loads of options, soft to the touch

Hasta La Vizsla Shirt – A twist on a Vizsla shirt

Pup Wax -Luxurious Skincare for dogs

Custom Pet slippers, plushies -creepy, but loads of ideas here for the right type of person!

Personalized modern Poster – Modern art personalized with your pups name

Anna Tölgyesi Bronze Sculptures -if you have $$$, these sculptures are second to none

Little Felted Frends – mini felted sculptures matching your pup

Chews– Link to loads of Chew options for dogs

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