RELIABLE RECALL CHALLENGE: Can your dog do this?

December 7, 2022

Here’s a list of recall challenges from easy to hard. If you’re struggling with what to do next in your recall training, this might give you an idea about how to move forwards. Actively seek challenges after your dog has a reliable recall when it is safe! Make sure you reward reward reward, and never yell or punish your dog when they come to you (even if it’s taking a VERY long time). There’s a load of resources online about how to reward your pup for recall so make sure you’ve got a basic recall before you can challenge.

Can you recall your dog from…

  1. A dog approaching on leash
  2. Approaching something tasty on the ground (that they would normally eat)
  3. A dog approaching and staring straight at your dog
  4. A human approaching offering treats
  5. Birds/Squirrels at a distance (after your dog sees it)
  6. An offleash dog approaching slowly
  7. An offleash dog approaching quickly and staring at your dog
  8. While your dog is eating something tasty on the ground (after your dog has taken a lick)
  9. A human your dog knows and likes
  10. A dog your dog knows and likes
  11. Larger prey animal like Deer, Racoon, Cats, Porcupine
  12. Predators like Bears, Coyotes
  13. A human dressed in black, during dusk/dawn
  14. A human stalking dressed in black, during dusk/dawn, on your property
  15. A strange dog on your property
  16. Someone feeding your dog treats

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