Whiskey comes home

June 12, 2014

It was sooooo hard to get through the day today.  My partner flew in with Whiskey on a 4.5 hour flight from Montreal.  The battery on his phone failed and the connection was too spotty for a phone call at the breeder’s so I was just staring at the one picture he could send before he caught the flight (she’s small enough to be taken as hand luggage).  I left work early and headed to the airport where I awaited…the cutest, tiniest little Vizsla ever.  I’ve never met a Vizsla puppy and didn’t realize she’d be so small.  Apparently, she was a trooper on the plane, going to the bathroom (on a peepad) without an issue and charming all the air hostesses.

She popped her little head out of the bag to say hello and immediately wanted out (who could blame her after the flight?).   We had a bit of an issue grabbing a dog friendly taxi (even if we kept her in the carrier) and then we were on the way home.  As soon as we got home, I realized the cat had gotten into the drawers and ate half a bag of freeze dried chicken while shredding the rest all over the kitchen.  Sigh, such is a life of family pets.

Already Whiskey was very attached to my partner and I was jealous!  We introduced her to her playpen area (sectioned off with baby gates) and she was really quiet and super cute.  Moo was very curious and observed the circus from her high view points and made a face when she smelled the dog.  Dogs are very smelly compared to cats!  Ewww.

We just spent the night cuddling Whiskey and playing with her new toys.  She ate dinner without an issue but it took a bit of patience to get her to pee outside in the alley (she’s used to grass in the countryside).  We live in an apartment on the 2nd floor, so for now we are carrying her outside by taking the stairs.  There was a bit of whining when we put her in the crate, but otherwise success!

At the breeder’s
meeting at the airport

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