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Getting ready

June 8, 2014

Oh man!!!  We are so excited!!!  You can tell by the amount of exclamation marks 🙂  So we’ve done a bunch of research over at least a year and have settled on a breed (Vizsla, obviously), breeder, and we await our first puppy together.  My partner has had dogs his whole life with his family but this would be my first ever dog, and just a couple months ago we got our first cat.

Moo is a rescue that came to us from VOKRA.  She’s been the perfect pre-puppy since she’s pretty much a dog in-disguise.   We quickly discovered she’ll do anything for treats and we’ve already had her successfully trained to “come” “sit” “lie down” “roll over” “paw” and go to where we point.  We choose a confident cat, and have made her a bunch of cat shelves she can escape to in case of stress, though we know that it would take awhile for any cat to get used to a crazy puppy.

So with the cat trained up, we’ve been reading a couple books and watching tv shows (Ian Dunbar, Ceasar Milan, Victoria Stilwell), talking to friends, stalking Vizslas and their owners in dog parks, and going on dog-supply shopping sprees.  Who would have known it could cost so much before getting the puppy?  Cats are practically free!  Here is our puppy list:


-baby gates



-chew toys: antlers, nylabones, bullysticks



-food bowls


-puppy pee pads (use for plane only)

-plane-approved carrier


-leash (we got several types)

-tooth brush and paste

-shampoo, ear cleaner, styptic powder

-bleach (for cleaning her outdoor pee place)

-dremel (for nails)

-poop bags

-a good insurance company

Moo inspects the goods

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