August 25, 2014
We just got back from a pet-event (is that even a word?) called Petapalooza and had a marvelous time. Dogs of every size, shape and color were out and the exhibitors were generous and informative.  We went to almost all the booths and I think Whiskey is all snacked out by now.

Wow and event just for pets (mainly dogs)
Whiskey recognizes her friends from the park better than us

There was a “running of the Bulls” which included the tiniest “racetrack” with French and English Bulldogs racing for a prize.  It was so packed I wasn’t tall enough to watch (try shoving into a crowd with a puppy at your heels, it’s not possible) but from the cheering it must have been funny.  Also we saw some flyball demonstrations.  I now wish I lived in a more rural area so we could join a flyball team!  There were so many breeds represented out there today, I even met one I didn’t know existed (a toy Australian Shepherd?).

but mom! it’s water and I don’t want to
Someone crashes a doberman party

We were so happy Whiskey is socialized enough to deal with the noises, people and smells everywhere, although we found out she’s just started to learn how to hop onto tables (another thing to train now).  Soon, we were walking home with a bag full of samples and goodies, a tired pup, and happy smiles.  I really wish there were more of these events to go to!

Hanging out with friends afterwards

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