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A very busy day

August 26, 2014
This week I’m off work, and I’m really looking forward to relaxing at home with the pets.  Since we don’t own a car, we decided to rent from a car share a couple times this week to get out of the city.

Today we tried out Jug Island in Coquitlam.  It’s a short little hike with minimal incline and a great way to start the day.  The highlight of the hike is a little beach that faces the Indian Arm and Jug Island.  We caught (and released) some tiny crabs, talked to kayakers and just chilled.  As a joke, Thierry tossed a stick in quite far into the water and Whiskey actually retrieved it!  She swam out further than she’s ever been before, although it was a bit of a panicky swim back.  We were so proud!

working on our agility (yes they made it to the top!)
our hiking group
Whiskey fetches and swims!
catching small crabs
we are going higher and higher with this little girl

On the way back we popped into a wild game butcher for pet and human meats (kangaroo, bison, venison, elk, ostrich, wild boar).  I think we’re stocked for awhile now!  At the moment I’m trying out various foods for Whiskey so we’ll let you know how our experimentation goes.  We’ve got tons of kibble and even raw samples from Petapalooza.

a bison heart is enormous!

Continuing on our day, after we dropped the meat home, we took Whiskey off to the vet for her last set of shots (Rabies and Lepto).  She was amazing and even got a little handkerchief.  As long as she’s eating a snack, she doesn’t even feel the needles. So as far as Whiskey understands, the vet means lots of attention, pets, and snacks!  I wonder if she’ll wise up eventually.  The cat is under no such illusions.

Whiskey has no idea she’s getting a shot

After the vet, we drove to the off-leash dog area of Spanish banks where we met the cutest German Shepherd puppy.  Whiskey was pretty tired but perked up for some glorious playtime, digging and sniffing.  Then it was back home for a dinner of turkey hearts and gizzards, and we all fell asleep really early (except for Moo who then demanded attention).

Spanish Banks has a beautiful view
Whiskey with Nala, the German Shepherd 
These two played rough and cute!

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