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Thanksgiving in style

October 15, 2014
We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving up on Sunshine Coast with new friends this year. There were a couple knitters in the group who helped me finish my first little project: a snood/neck-warmer for Whiskey. I just ordered some knitting needles so I can learn over the winter.

Whiskey modelling my incomplete project

We had a great time outdoors and Whiskey made a new friend: Sam, the Australian Shepherd. The two spent the weekend chasing each other and guarding the cabin. There were a couple of hikes we fit in before it got too rainy. Afterwards, we set to work creating Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

heading over on the ferry
sunset at Kent beach
with Sam the Australian Shepherd
ripping up the beach with fun
more new friends
someone is getting real heavy!
Sunshine Coast has beautiful trails
lots of bridges here
off leash for the weekend
we saw a bunch of bears fishing salmon (dogs were in the car)
someone thinks she’s a person

The rains started the last day and poor Whiskey gets so cold that I’m going to have to get her (or knit her) a nice winter jacket soon.

Whiskey is shivering after a wet walk

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