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Whistler Weekend

October 21, 2014
We were off to Whistler last weekend and though forecast was bleak, we had really good luck with the timing of rain. Because we both work full time, sometimes our lives seem nothing more than walk the dog, eat, work, walk the dog, eat, laundry, sleep. On the weekends however, we try our best to roll out of bed at a decent time and go on an adventure. Sometimes we go alone in the rain (since it’s hard to find rainy hikers), but this time we were lucky enough to have a great group with us. Whistler is about 2 hours away and we had chill time eating, hot-tubbing and chatting along some nice walks.

On a side note, since we were staying in a new place, Whiskey has started to bark when she hears something different or sees people jogging past the house. It’s surprising us and we’re wondering if she picked it up from the Aussie Shepherd last week.

Just outside our accommodations
A Canadian scene
Whiskey loves to walk along logs and stand there for a photo
A little sun among the rain

We even found a local ghost town called Parkhurst that was initially a logging town abandoned in the 1930s and then again in the 1960s. There were remnants of a bed, stove, house, and even a logging tractor

Scrambling around rocks for fun
discovering an abandoned house
the logging tractor
A dog can go where no human can
a nice weekend out
Whiskey will see you next week!

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