Discovering new city parks

January 27, 2015
One thing when you have a dog and need to get out for walks is that you quickly get bored of your local park no matter how awesome it is (ours is pretty awesome). So when our washing machine broke and we needed to pick a new one out ASAP, we found ourselves in a new part of town we rarely visit. We discovered the Everett Crowley park near the Knight St bridge to Richmond.

It’s quite pretty in the rain. I can’t say for a sunny day yet.
It’s great to have the park to ourselves.
Lots and lots of space! 100 acres
Our crew today is 2 humans 1 princess

At 100 acres the park is a good size to walk an active dog and not feel like you are going in circles. All the inside trails are off-leash and on our very rainy walk, we basically had the whole park to ourselves.

she will climb anything
the inside off leash trails
a little wildlife area
taking some smaller paths

There is a lack of garbage cans around so watch out for them and remember to pick up. There’s a beautiful pond in the middle dedicated to wildlife in the area. Aside from the large flat gravel path there are also some smaller trails that criss-cross throughout. We’ll certainly come here again when we want an easy stroll and are in the area.

Where does this trail go? who cares!
all tired she decides to sleep UNDER the seat covers

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