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Eagle Bluffs Spring

April 15, 2016
the view from the bluffs
Since the weather’s turned a little drier, we took the opportunity to plan a couple higher-altitude hikes where we might have enough luck to catch a view these cloudy days. We tried to head towards St Marks but was turned away by avalanche warnings so then turned to our trusty Eagle Bluffs hike that I’ve blogged about several times already.

Dad! There are snowboarders to chase there!
lots of warnings
fetching over a mountain of snow
throw it! throw it!
my ginger girl
the steep start is a good workout
The ski slopes were surprising still open so we still had a get a “backcountry pass” for access and then we quickly headed up the snow-covered trails alongside the skiers. Crampons were very useful and Whiskey had more than her normal amount of energy chasing snowballs up and down the mountain. You would think 3 hours of running in snow would tire her…nope!

views come quickly as you climb
so excited to be out
following the boys
perfect temperature for a hike
footprints of a mysterious animal…
in some places the snow was still deep
best place for a dog!
the one soft spot in the forest
The clouds parted just as we got to the bluff where we had a nice lunch and rest before heading back. I love these shoulder seasons as the paths are not yet busy on the more popular local trails. When the crowds start coming up, we move to lesser-known trails but those are usually harder to get to.

really nice walk around the lake loop
melting snow is so beautiful and Whiskey explores
we finally get to the top!

Whiskey as usual, had no idea why her humans were so slow and awkward coming down the slippery trails, and would try to give us kisses as we sometimes slid down on our bottoms. The best part of snow covered steep trails is the quick slides coming down. We are just waiting for a little bit more melting before heading up towards higher altitudes soon!

just 45mins from downtown
I love our forests here
tired man,  energetic dog

weeeee! this is how we descend without dignity
until next time!

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