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Puppy Dog Chews- an extensive list

December 7, 2020

Over the first 7 months, Vizsla puppies can be very mouthy. They first go through a sharky stage at 3months and then start teething soon after so it’s really good to have multiple options for them to chew on outside of your skin, clothing, furniture, or other valuables.

Here’s various things we’ve tried, some with more success than others. Neither of my dogs are power chewers. They’re both pretty gentle and thoughtful with their chews and they lose interest quickly. The chews that DID NOT WORK were- nylabones and other synthetic chews. I also didn’t feed rawhide, cooked bones, or anything with too many ingredients.

Bourbon’s Favorite
Size ideal for Whiskey

  • Somehow the more expensive they are, the more they seem to enjoy them (for the same size, they prefer bison for example). Sometimes there are some particular ones Whiskey doesn’t seem to care for more than others
  • Get the largest ones you can for adult dogs as they will last longer per dollar, and get smaller ones for puppies or they may not be able to chew the gigantic ones
  • Both show medium interest and can lose interest after 10mins
  • Pay extra for odorless if there’s an option and chewing on your furniture
  • $8-20
  • Bourbon (sized small) 1 day, Whiskey (sized Massive) 3 days (I leave them out and they chew on and off but then Whiskey steals Bourbons)

Himalayan Chews

  • Yak and Cow cheese
  • An old favorite, I love these because we can leave them around the house and Whiskey or Bourbon will chew on them when they’re bored
  • Medium interest, they pick it up here and there
  • Get smaller ones for puppies, although Bourbon happily chews on the larger ones too
  • $11
  • Whiskey/Bourbon 2 weeks
  • Warning- if your dog is a big chewer these wouldn’t last as long, Also If your dog is small and is a big chewer, large pieces in their stomach may not break down. Lastly if your small dog is a powerful chewer they can develop teeth issues so please feed with caution

Beef Tendon

  • Single ingredient, dehydrated, grass-fed beef
  • Both show great interest and will chew until done
  • Great alternative to bullysticks
  • $7 each
  • Whiskey 20mins/Bourbon 40mins

Tripe Twists

  • Healthy, single ingredient
  • Best for small dogs/puppies
  • Both love these
  • A bit messy and smelly, so feed on an easily cleanable surface
  • Bourbon 8mins

Fish Skin

  • Healthy, single ingredient, air dried, sustainable
  • Both love these!
  • $5
  • Bourbon 10mins/Whiskey 2 mins


  • Goat/Cow/Lamb horns
  • Whiskey and Bourbon show interest once awhile
  • Can be really loud on hard flooring
  • $18+
  • Bourbon/Whiskey- forever
  • Warning- if your dogs are big powerful chewers they can splinter and cause issues


  • Split/Whole
  • Whiskey’s had the same one since she was a puppy
  • split antlers can be more splintery overtime and dogs can lose interest once the marrow is gone
  • Bourbon doesn’t show much interest, Whiskey picks it up once in awhile
  • We leave these out for chewing here and there
  • Warning- if your dogs are big powerful chewers they can splinter and cause issues
  • $20+
  • Bourbon/Whiskey forever


Bourbon loves chewing on cardboard boxes so I let her have some (especially since during covid we are receiving so many packages and cardboard is free!) My only concern is that the chewing won’t stop once she gets older but I’m hoping after she finishes teething that she’ll be able to understand what is hers and what isn’t.

Stuffed Toys

  • I like to have some stuffed toys as options to clothing
  • Neither of my dogs are power chewers so my stuffed toys will eventually break but they tend to last a month so far
  • Bourbon likes to chew soft pillows/blankets so I prefer to teach her to go for a toy instead
  • Whiskey used to bite out of excitement when we came home so she’s trained to bring us a stuffed toy when we come home

Kongs/West Paw

  • Great to stuff with peanut butter and treats and freeze or just feed
  • Whiskey loves these but Bourbon doesn’t show as much interest so far so Whiskey just steals them
  • $8-22
  • Bourbon just doesn’t seem to want to work for her food, she’d rather take something easier, like a chair leg


  • The texture was something Bourbon really liked when she was in her sharkies stage (8 weeks-10 weeks) and she lost her crazy interest but will still play with these
  • $10-20
  • Bourbon 45mis as a puppy

Pigs Ear

  • limited ingredient but fatty
  • $2 each
  • Bourbon 10 mins Whiskey 4mins

Crumps Plaque Busters

  • Limited ingredient – made with sweet potatoes, grounded oyster shells, pumpkin spice and coconut oil
  • $8.40 for 8 sticks
  • Bourbon 10 mins Whiskey 2mins

Turkey Wing/Neck dehydrated

  • Limited ingredient, healthy
  • $8 each
  • Bourbon 15mins Whiskey 5 mins

Turkey Neck Raw

  • sourced from local raw providers
  • sourced also from local Asian grocery stores
  • you must feed outside or train your dog to stay on a mat
  • meal replacement for puppy
  • $4/lb
  • Bourbon-45mins (she gets faster over time)! Whiskey 5mins

Venison Trotter dehydrated

  • Limited ingredient, healthy
  • 12$
  • Bourbon 1 hour+ Whiskey 30 mins

Buffalo Hide Rolls

  • Our favorite long lasting chew, great for power chewers
  • sells out really quickly
  • Single ingredient, well sourced
  • 12-16$
  • Bourbon…(until Whiskey steals it?) Whiskey (several days but I take away inbetween after half an hour)

Forever Lasting

Long Lasting
Buffalo Hide Rolls, Monster Bullysticks, Himalayan Chews

Med Lasting
Smaller Bullysticks, Beef Tendon, Pigs ear, Lamb Trotter, Turkey neck raw, Kongs/Westpaw

Fish Skin, Tripe Twists, Quado, Turkey neck dehydrated, Plaque Busters

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