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How much do Vizslas Weigh? And How big do Hungarian Vizslas get?

February 24, 2023

Here is a chart of Vizsla sizes from XS to XL. They’re taken from a large number of measured Vizslas for sweaters and jackets sold here. Below is also a detailed explanation of the size of Vizslas around the world as well as the measurements.

American vs European Vizsla size

North American Vizslas tend to be smaller in stature as well as smaller boned. Even though they are smaller than Australian and European Vizslas, field North American Vizslas are muscular and more square, bigger shoulders with wide chests. Show North American Vizslas have a softer mousier look and are finder boned. In general, European Vizslas grow heavier and larger than Americans and their bones are also on the heavier side. Out of my own Vizslas, Whiskey leans towards the European lines while Bourbon towards the American look.

Bourbon in front, Whiskey behind. See the paws, chest, and stature differences

Female vs Male Vizsla size

Female Vizslas are smaller than males although of course there is a crossover. The smallest of females can be around 35lbs and the largest males I’ve met are over 80lbs. Read more here about the differences between male and female Vizslas.

Vizsla Standards

How much does an adult Vizsla get? Well, it depends on female or male Vizslas and there is a slight difference in different parts of the world. In general, European and Australian Vizslas are a bit larger.

AKC (American Kennel Club) Hungarian Vizsla Standard (1.5 inches above or under are disqualified)
Female ideally 21-23 inches at shoulders (Bourbon is 21, Whiskey is 22)
Male ideally 22 to 24 inches at shoulders

AU Hungarian Vizsla Standard (2cm above or below are disqualified)
Female 54cm-60cm (21-24 inches)
Males 58-64cm (23 inches-25 inches)

UK Hungarian Vizsla Standard
Female 53cm-60cm (21-24 inches)
Males 57-64cm (22 inches-25 inches)

Vizsla Measurement Charts

What are the measurements of an adult Vizsla or a puppy Vizsla?

Here’s a chart I’ve been using for my Vizsla sweaters. Everything is approximate but I find them pretty accurate so far. Here’s the details on how to measure

Back Length17-1919-2020-2222-2423-25
Chest Girth22.1-25.124.4-28.325.9-29.527.5-30.730-32.5
Approx weight35-4342-5248-5855-6360+

Puppy sizes

How large is an 8 week Vizsla? And how much does an 8 or 12 week old Vizsla weigh? Here are a couple measurements from my own female Vizslas (girls are smaller than boys). Below is a link to a weight chart from my two girls.

9 weeks3 months
Back length1415
Chest Girth1617
Approx Weight1520

Here’s some puppy weight charts from Bourbon and Whiskey’s growth

My Female Vizsla Measurements

Whiskey (female, 8.5 years) is 51lbs back length 21, collar 14, chest 26.5-27.5 (depending on fitness)

Bourbon is (female, 2.5yrs) is 47lbs back length 21, collar 14, chest 26

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