Mountain climbing dog

September 16, 2014
I’ve been waiting to hike Mt Seymour since we’ve got Whiskey.  Over the last few months we’ve been slowly increasing the distance and difficulty and this one is a bit longer than she’s used to (about 4 hours return, 7km, 450m climb to the “first pump”). We always hike with her off leash and she’s always leading the way.

heading up the trail
Whiskey takes all kinds of side trails

Earlier this year, we had completed the same hike in snow and found a section to scramble, which was easy enough without having to worry about safety, but tough enough to get your heart racing.  Every dog is different, and although we’re really struggling to get Whiskey to say, fetch, she LOVES agility, climbing, and balancing on things.  I was keen to try this scramble with her, with full intentions on taking the normal trail if she showed any sign of fear, hesitation, or lack of balance/safety.

This is the scramble
starting up, Whiskey is patient with us
going between Daddy and me
see! no worries!
My mountain dog

Well, even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have imagined how impressive she would be.  While we were struggling to find handholds and routes, Whiskey was up and over our heads going back and forth between us, sure-footed and happy.  There were only two times she needed to be lifted up a meter or so.  She’s been on another hike with a steel ladder section where she’s learned to stay on my partner’s shoulders in a fireman’s carry, so we had no problems.  Whiskey can also follow if we point her a new route, and when one way doesn’t work out, she will work out another path herself (something we’ve been patiently teaching her).

hurry up mommy!
She’s so graceful,  I love watching her

I just can’t believe my little puppy is a mountain goat!  She’s been constantly surprising me with her fearlessness since we got her.  Every time she slips, she gets right back up and tries again.  I only wish I could have taken my cat scrambling too!

Whiskey follows Daddy up the boulder
but she refuses to jump over.  Great decision making!
Moo is a true acrobat but refuses a harness/collar/leash

I can’t wait for our next weekend hike and I’m so ecstatic to have the hiking dog of my dreams.

Best dog ever!

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